Your future blog posts about the Apple iPad

Blog posts I expect to start reading in the next few weeks and months:

  • iPad rev. 2 will have x
  • GSM chip/hardware costs $130 wtf?
  • The real cost of the iPad / mobile operator subsidies
  • True battery performance is only 4 hours
  • Tethering issues
  • Why doesn’t it do x? I really need x, it’s a deal-breaker
  • iPad teardown / unboxing
  • I dropped my iPad!
  • iPad dominoes
  • Adobe’s Flash compiling specific for iPad FTW!!1one
  • Adobe’s Flash compiling specific for iPad #fail
  • Top 10 productivity apps for iPad
  • My gran’s first month with her iPad
  • My dog’s first month with his iPad
  • First jailbreak for iPad is released ZOMG!
  • Stanford University orders 6000 iPads
  • Mockup of the iPad Video
  • iPad / iPhone benchmarks
  • iPad, it plays Doom!
  • Complete guide to iPad gestures
  • We ported ubuntu/android/win7/chrome to iPad, woot!
  • iPads chosen as device of choice for first manned Mars exploration
  • Will it blend? (thx @yezzer)

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