iPhone application switcher mockup


With the danger of focusing this blog a bit too much on iPhone and iPad related posts, here’s my mockup of how the upcoming iPhone OS 4 application switcher might look.

Some reports are suggesting that a double push on the home key would bring this up, globally, regardless of what is the current app. This would follow, in my mind, as an extension of what double pushing the home key does now, i.e. switching to the iPod etc..

iPhone application switcher mockup

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Additional options under the arrows might be to quit the app directly, or specific functions made available by the app, such as pausing music.



Use HTML, enjoy the open web on your iPad

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It’s about the content, and people, not the presentation layer.


Your future blog posts about the Apple iPad

Blog posts I expect to start reading in the next few weeks and months:

  • iPad rev. 2 will have x
  • GSM chip/hardware costs $130 wtf?
  • The real cost of the iPad / mobile operator subsidies
  • True battery performance is only 4 hours
  • Tethering issues
  • Why doesn’t it do x? I really need x, it’s a deal-breaker
  • iPad teardown / unboxing
  • I dropped my iPad!
  • iPad dominoes
  • Adobe’s Flash compiling specific for iPad FTW!!1one
  • Adobe’s Flash compiling specific for iPad #fail
  • Top 10 productivity apps for iPad
  • My gran’s first month with her iPad
  • My dog’s first month with his iPad
  • First jailbreak for iPad is released ZOMG!
  • Stanford University orders 6000 iPads
  • Mockup of the iPad Video
  • iPad / iPhone benchmarks
  • iPad, it plays Doom!
  • Complete guide to iPad gestures
  • We ported ubuntu/android/win7/chrome to iPad, woot!
  • iPads chosen as device of choice for first manned Mars exploration
  • Will it blend? (thx @yezzer)

A Bigger Picture, From Google and Apple to Nokia and Disney

UPDATE: Now including Facebook ($FB) after their IPO in May 2012. If you spot any product areas any of the companies listed are now in (or have left), let me know @joshr.


Inspired by the NYT article, A Big-Picture look (…) that shows the ‘big four’ and the product groups they cover, I’ve attempted to include some of the other significant players. I’ve included stock codes and current market caps, which make a nice, but not completely telling, addition to the chart.

I’d like to add a few more product areas, such as Livingroom and LBS, and also some figures around number of users, active users, traffic, staff size.. but that might just make it too large :)

Dave suggested we add the targets column, and I welcome any suggestions there. There are obviously many, so lets keep it to likely prospects of M&As.

There are also some probably notable omissions of companies, maybe Sony? Nintendo? Just how far reaching is this industry now? :)

Some measure of mindshare, or geographic bias towards certain companies/products would also be great, but again, it could get very big at that point.

The notes in some cells show where there has been a recent acquisition, beta or rumor about an imminent launch. Most timely today is Books and Maps for Apple.

Much better viewed on separate Google Doc page

Much better viewed on separate Google Doc page

* Yeah, maybe AOL should be Time Warner, thoughts?