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A Home For Good Business(es) In Brighton

There are enough coworking spaces in Brighton, and my vision is not simply to rent desks out (while those are of course needed), but to create a destination — a club house maybe. Somewhere people can gather, work, meet, learn, and collaborate.

Use your space for good

There are ‘tech for good’ project teams springing up more and more, tackling difficult problems, and trying to have a positive impact. But they’re often voluntary, unfunded groups, and they usually don’t have anywhere to meet and work. This is where you come in.

Instead of giving U2 $100m

Things the internet would have preferred Apple do over U2 being given $100m for an album nobody wants. Would U2 have made $100m from fans buying the album? Unlikely. What else would we the internet have preferred apple have done, or spent that money on