1. not true. in fact i was very careful to post the iphone version of the iplayer interface, because it streams movie files that the iphone recognises. as does the ipad, and almost every other device capable of video playback.

  2. I don’t think it’s about the presentation layer, I think it’s about control of the root.Does the emasculated web (ie: the app-store, neo-palladiated version) allow the use of proxies / anonymisers etc so people in Iran or China or America say can post comments on twitter without being routinely spied on or having their content blocked?I wouldn’t have thought so. Maybe it’s possible to remain untraced using HTML, maybe it’s not. Maybe anonymisers only go so far and won’t stop dangerous government/corporate snooping/censorship… but with the emasculated web, you’ve got one more nail in the coffin. Someone’s assumed the right to control what you do on your own machine. Personally I think flash sucks… and really, the absence of flash is just a strategic play for the old BMV producing industries… the real issue is the root, and the fact that the way Apple have assumed ownership of it, profoundly changes the DNA that the web as we know it was created from. It’s a profoundly retrogressive step. It’s the past trying to control the future.

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