Web-based services I pay for

It occurred to me that I’ve not got an ongoing account of what I pay for on the web, so I thought I’d make a list. Maybe this is an opportunity for a service itself.. PayPal could show you this information in a nice way.

  • Blinksale (invoicing) – $6/month
  • Dreamhost (my personal hosting) – $10.95/month
  • eNom (domain registrations) – around $60/month
  • Github (project code collab) – $7/month
  • Flickr (photo sharing) – $2/month

That’s about $86/month in total, mostly on tech/work/geek stuff, not lifestyle stuff.

What do you pay for and how much do you spend?

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I pay for… (Online Backup) $5/month for (Notetaking) $45/ (Ubuntu Virtual Dedicated Server) £10.58/monthPlus some other hosting and domain names but I don’t keep a track of those monthly costs. Maybe I should :)

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