Decentralising online transactions

Or “online cash” – since I don’t have to hand my physical cash to Visa so they can give it to you for that coffee I just bought. Of course they’d like it that way, hence the push of “mobile wallets”, owned by guess who! (If not owned, reliant on the infrastructure of – this… Continue reading Decentralising online transactions

Are these pocket-sized devices different?

A post of two parts, here’s part one.. There are a lot of very similar looking boxes-you-plug-into-stuff in the market today. The hardware is basically the same.. Ubiquisys femtocell Logitech Revue for Google TV – engadget article Fon SIMPL OnLive micro console the same array of connection ports (USB, ethernet, A/V) similarly powerful and featured chipsets support… Continue reading Are these pocket-sized devices different?