My review of iOS4 on iPhone 3G – basically, don’t do it

In a word, don’t.

iOS4 on iPhone 3G from Josh Russell on Vimeo.

(yes ok, you do get some good stuff, multiple exchange accounts, syncing of notes to gmail AT LAST!, zooming camera.. but overall i’m not sure it’s worth it until Apple release a fix)

I’m currently relying on web apps for everything at the moment. Another example for us web fans to use in the argument against native apps.


  1. Third party apps run just fine for me after restarting my 3g iPhone with iOS4. And not particularly slow, either.

  2. works fine for me, infact its made my phone quicker!i think you should restore your phone and re-install IOS4

  3. This may be the case with the 3G but it’s completely transformed my 3GS. It feels like a new phone. 200% performance and experience improvement.

  4. Hmm. I got no audio on your video (via PC).I could do without iOS 4 on my 3GS. The battery is crucified. It only lasted about three hours until I turned mail push off. Now I am still lucky to get through 10 hours without needing to recharge it.The folders and integrated mail are nice but there are lots of annoyances:* Some programs have started to crash (Accuweather)* I now have to turn programs off twice to increase battery power, i.e. to stop them running in the background (this is really stupid! There seems no point in very app I open continuing to run in the background).* Occasionally apps open in a jerky fashionOverall, a bad choice to upgrade. Will try restore and if no change got back to iOS3 (if this is possible).

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