My #debill letter – Please don’t rush through extreme web laws


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addition: Guardian article about why it sucks


Dear Mr Lepper,

The Digital Economy Bill feels like a massive step backward in the endeavor to better humanity through creativity, innovation and freedom of communication.

It’s unlikely that the measures taken against those deemed to be breaking the law will hold back those things, but the stance taken by any government through supporting it, gives an impression of huge ignorance, and seems to reveal an agenda not inline with those endeavors.

Eventually we will reach a utopian level, as a species, when money will be obsolete, interstellar travel will be every-day, and we’ll focus our time on philosophy, science, and art. By attempting to punish a few people for apparently stealing from a few large privately owned corporations, stuck on a failing business model, run by typical american white males of retirement age, this bill sends a message that those in power, yourselves, are not interested in this amazing possible future, of mutual understanding and respect, that would transcend geographic borders, race, gender, or physical ability.

It is our responsibility to make the right decisions, and encourage others to do the same, for all those that are not aware of the slow but steady removal of our basic human rights and civil liberties.

I’m sure you’ve been contacted many times about the Digital Economy Bill. I am writing now that Harriet Harman MP has announced that the Bill is definitely going to receive a second reading on Tuesday April 6, widely expected to be the day an election is called.

On Thursday, Harriet Harman gave no assurance that controversial parts of the Bill would not be rushed through in 90 minutes, despite concerns being raised by members from both sides of the House.

Please do not underestimate the strength of feeling on this issue. Over 17,000 letters have been sent to MPs in the last week – yet the Government still seems intent on forcing the bill through Parliament without allowing a real debate about the issues.

People like me, who are concerned about this issue, will be looking to see who has done everything they can to make sure this Bill is not crashed through on the last day before an election.

I would very much appreciate it if you could do everything you can to raise this issue with ministers and party managers to make sure that these provisions receive proper debate and scrutiny in a new Parliament.

Yours faithfully,

Josh Russell

Send a similar message to your UK Member of Parliament (MP)


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