Instead of giving U2 $100m

Things the internet would have preferred Apple do over U2 being given $100m for an album nobody wants. Would U2 have made $100m from fans buying the album? Unlikely. What else would we the internet have preferred apple have done, or spent that money on

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The rules of science, sounds a bit like agile

In his recent continuation of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series, Neil deGrasse Tyson laid out the the rules of science: test ideas by experiment and observation, build on those ideas that pass the test, reject the ones that fail, follow the evidence wherever it leads, and question everything

Lean Founder

Semi-autobiographical, in no particular order, being a #LeanFounder: You don’t need that new laptop, a refurb will do, but your current laptop is fine until it dies. Plain eggs on toast is cheaper than eggs benedict, and better for your waist. Walk whenever you can. Traveling for a meeting? Make the rest of your time… Continue reading Lean Founder

Decentralising online transactions

Or “online cash” – since I don’t have to hand my physical cash to Visa so they can give it to you for that coffee I just bought. Of course they’d like it that way, hence the push of “mobile wallets”, owned by guess who! (If not owned, reliant on the infrastructure of – this… Continue reading Decentralising online transactions


Update: I stopped writing this post, it got too long, and I got bored. Also, it looks like Meebo might have just pwned RockMelt anyway, with their MiniBar. This is an ever-changing space, and will require a followup post! It’s too early to form a proper opinion on this one, but here’s some initial thoughts.… Continue reading RockMelt

Reuse and invisible familiarity in design

Some great backstories about things you see or hear everyday. Content used so much it becomes public domain, or more, part of the cultural landscape. Recognisable sometimes only subconsciously, but as a layer that stimulates familiarity, and builds on associations we have with certain genres, environments, emotions or experiences. I wonder if the associations we have with those things, the… Continue reading Reuse and invisible familiarity in design