Interesting – and I’m reading this using Rockmelt which I’ve been using as my main non-work browser for a week or so. Agreed that pretty much everything it does could be done with plugins, but plugins (too many of them) are what can make Firefox crawl along like a legless consumptive. What is nice about RM is that a fair amount of thought has obviously gone into the way FB and Twitter have been integrated into the overall UI. It also has the best and easiest way of handling my feeds that I’ve come across anywhere. Of course, what they’ve done is add these features to what’s a pretty spiffy browser in the first place, so a lot of the speed and ease of use can be laid at Google’s door rather than theirs, but overall the whole is somehow more than the sum of its parts.By the way, you don’t have top log in to FB in order to browse – I’m doing it logged out right now!