Excellent list.I’ve only been running a consultancy start-up – not a “proper” start-up; but I’d like to add this advice to yours.OpenOffice is cheaper than getting sucked in to Microsoft Office. So is Google Docs.Using Linux will save your sanity and your wallet.Don’t be afraid to ask for more money – it’s easier to be negotiated down than to negotiate someone up.Do offer discounts to charities. On a practical level, it looks good on your “clients include” – on a personal level, it makes you feel great.Get a good accountant. Find every single tax break you can.Insist on payment by bank transfers. Cheques are a pain in the arse and you’ll forget to pay them in.If someone is late paying you – be friendly at first, it may be an honest mistake.Work out how valuable your time really is. If you’ve spent 3 hours researching to reduce your broadband bill by £2 per month – that’s probably not very cost efficient.Back up everything. Test your back ups.